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Stitch Cutter

  • Stitch Cutter is used for general suture removal. ... The slightly curved, flat, bull nose tip slides under the suture and when rotated, gently... Read more

Surgical Blades

  •  Surgical blades, or scalpels, are used for cutting skin and tissue during surgical procedures. ... Surgical blades are typically sold... Read more


  • A scalpel, or lancet, or bistoury, is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery, anatomical dissection, podiatry and various art... Read more


  • A walker or walking frame is a tool for disabled or frail people, who need additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking, most... Read more

abdominal belt

  • The abdominal belt supports and compresses the abdominal muscles for waistline reduction. It helps with umbilical hernia, Incisional, Epigastric,... Read more

i v stand

  • Intravenous (IV) stands or poles are medical devices that are designed to hang bags containing intravenous fluids or medicines which need... Read more


  • In medicine, a nebulizer or nebuliser is a drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs.... Read more

Crash Cart

  • A crash cart or code cart or "MAX cart" is a set of trays/drawers/shelves on wheels used in hospitals for transportation and dispensing of emergency... Read more

pulse oximeter

  • Pulse oximetry is a non invasive method for monitoring a person's oxygen saturation. Peripheral oxygen saturation readings are typically within 2%... Read more

bed side trolley

  • This bedside trolley works well in hospital or at home for those that find themselves bed-bound for long periods due to ill health or... Read more

urine pot

  • To offers ease of living and to maintain complete hygiene, Smart Care Urine Pot made using sturdy durable material that is designed to aid immobile... Read more

adult diaper

  • An adult diaper is a diaper made to be worn by a person with a body larger than that of an infant or toddler. Diapers can be necessary for adults... Read more