Refund Policy

SurgikalMart is a marketplace where Buyers and Sellers interact. We provide a platform for buyers to ease their purchase process for surgical instruments. Our role ends when you find a seller that can meet your product requirements. 

Through the platform we provide you various modes of communications to reach out to various distributors listed on our platform. If you are a Buyer and not satisfied with any product that you bought with reference from our platform you are requested to reach out directly to the distributor to claim your refund. 

You are also requested to ask for a Refund and Return policy from the Seller for the products/ services you want to purchase beforehand. SurgikartMart have no role in your refund process.

At SurgicalMart we want you to be happy, if you are a listed paid distributor on our platform and are not satisfied with our services, we offer you a 30-day refund guarantee for your subscription starting from the membership package purchase date.

You will get the full refund processed within 21 days from the refund claim submission date. 

We strive to provide goods and services which comply with the industry standards to our customers through verified suppliers listed in SurgicalMart. However, in case you face any issue, you can write to us at and we will try our best to resolve your issue at the earliest.