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Monitor Repair

  • The bedside cardiac monitor (oscilloscope) in the ICU provides a continuous display of not only the patient's ECG, which includes heart... Read more

O.T Light Repair

  • A surgical light – also referred to as an operating light or surgical light head – is a medical device intended to assist medical personnel... Read more

Hearing Aid Repair

  • A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. Hearing aids are classified as medical... Read more

Fogger Machine Repair

  • A fog machine, fog generator, or smoke machine is a device that emits a dense vapor that appears similar to fog or smoke. This artificial fog is most... Read more

E.E.G Machine Repair

  • Electroencephalography is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity on the scalp that has been shown to represent the... Read more

E.C.G Machine Repair

  •  Electrocardiography is the process of producing an electrocardiogram. It is a graph of voltage versus time of the electrical activity of the... Read more

Defibrillator Repair

  • Defibrillation is a treatment for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias, specifically ventricular fibrillation and non-perfusing ventricular... Read more

Cautery Machine Repair

  • By using thermal cautery, Cautery machine achieves haemostasis and tissue destruction by passing direct or alternating current through a... Read more

C-Arm Machine Repair

  • A C-Arm machine categorizes itself as an advanced medical imaging device that works on the basic premise of the X-ray technology. ...C-Arm... Read more

Biochemistry Analyser Repair

  •  A Biochemistry Analyzer is a clinical chemical analyser machine that measures the components within a collected biological sample... Read more

B.P. Machine Repair

  • it is use to detect blood pressure of human body. It may be manual or automatic. A sphygmomanometer, also known as a blood pressure monitor, or blood... Read more