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  • Tropicalgin is a chromatic alginate for versatile use. The chromatic variation provides the practitioner with a visual guide when processing the... Read more

Dental Scaler

  • Periodontal scalers are dental instruments used in the prophylactic and periodontal care of teeth, including scaling and root planing. The working... Read more

Dental Air Compressor

  • Dental air compressors produce compressed air that is used directly inside the patients' oral cavity. The air turbine in the air motor... Read more

3M ESPE Ketac Molar

  • Ketac Molar by 3M ESPE is a glass ionomer restorative material used in restorative dentistry. They provide excellent results with little effort... Read more

Dental Chair

  • A dental engine is a large chair-side appliance for use in a dentist's office. At minimum, a dental engine serves as a source of mechanical or... Read more

Surgical Drape

  • Surgical drapes and sterile instrument fields are used to limit contamination of the surgical wound, the surgical instruments, and the surgeon's... Read more

Orthopaedic Products

  • For starters, orthopaedic goods are products that often meet the criteria for reimbursement, and are more often covered than not when prescribed... Read more

Hand Sanitizer

  •  Hand sanitizer is a liquid, gel or foam generally used to kill many viruses/bacteria/microorganisms on the hands. In most settings, hand... Read more

Sputum Collection Bulb

  • Sputum specimen collection and handling products are used to help collect deep lung secretions to test for the presence of... Read more

E D T A Tube

  • EDTA stands for Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid. EDTA functions by binding calcium in the blood and keeping the blood from clotting. ... BD... Read more

I V Flow Regulator

  • IV FLOW REGULATOR (MAISFLOW) The flow regulator is used to regulate the flow of I.V. fluid from the infusion set to the intravenous cannula... Read more