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Surgical Suture Trainer

  • # A versatile and economic training model that will give the opportunity to practice suturing many times over.         ... Read more

Abdominal Wall Closure Model

  • # The acrylic bottom tray, four pillars and abdominal wall holding frame provide a sturdy fixation structure  to the abdominal wall  to... Read more

Suture & Knot Practice Kit

  • A complete surgical knotting & suturing practice kit for medical students.The suture practice pad -DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITYThe KNOTTING SLINGS... Read more

Hight Adjustable Endotrainer Stand with monitor Mount

  • # Height adjustable for sitting  & standing position and for short & long height surgeons# Endotraining shelf moves up or down# Monitor... Read more

Endotrainer Set with accessories

  • Egg shaped box trainer, provide ample 3D abdominal spaceTotal 8 skin like access portsopenable top lid enables insertion/removal of task kitsInbuilt... Read more

Anatomical model

  • An anatomical model is a three-dimensional representation of human or animal anatomy, used for medical and biological education.