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  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: With a push-button the height can be adjusted easily. The rubber shoe is skid-resistant in nature and the Quadripod base gives you... Read more

Recliner cum Commode Wheelchair

  • KosmoCare presents Recliner cum Commode Wheelchair, a functional mobility aid for the elderly, people with disabilities or injuries. The wheelchair... Read more

Height Adjustable & Double Bar Folding Walker

  • AmbiTech Walker comes with an height adjustable feature and easy to fold making it easy for storage and transportationWalker made of MS pipes with... Read more


  • HIGH QUALITY WHEEL CHAIR: The wheelchair comprises superior quality rust-free mag wheels which increases the life span of this chair. The 24 inch... Read more

Folding Walker

  • Easy to carry and lightweight folding walker. Provides extra stability and is durable.

Pulse Lavage

  • Pulsed lavage, or pulsatile jet lavage, is a form of mechanical hydrotherapy that uses a pressurized, pulsed solution to irrigate and debride... Read more

Plaster Cutter MMI

  • Medical Plaster cutter is used in Hospitals and Orthopedic departments. The cutter comes with two different size of blades and Key.