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Oxygen Flow Meter

  • it is use to control the pressure of oxygen level.

Baby Resuscitation Trolley

  • An Essential Carrying Kit for providing Effective Resuscitation to an Infant. ... Contents of the Kit Infant Resuscitator, Foot Suction,... Read more

Baby incubator

  • An incubator is designed to provide a safe, controlled space for infants to live while their vital organs develop. Unlike a simple bassinet, an... Read more

neonatal baby bassinet

  • It is use in N.I.C.U for pre mature birth babies, it helps to keep warm and helps to become strong and healthy. 

baby bassinet

  • A bassinet is a bed specifically for babies from birth to about four months old.

Paediatric bed

  • Paediatric beds resemble cribs used in the home. ... Paediatric beds and their features prevent infants, toddlers, and young children... Read more